"Étoile" earrings

Price €130.00

925 sterling silver, freshwater pearl and rhodium-plated hematite earrings

Multi-strand bracelet

Price €290.00

925 sterling silver hematite and rhodium-plated hematite bracelet

Multi-strand bracelet

Price €630.00

Gold-filled, rose gold-filled and 925 sterling silver bracelet

Labradorite necklace with pyrite tassels

Price €300.00

Labradorite necklace with 925 sterling silver and pyrite tassels

Pearl necklace with a detachable tassel

Price €150.00

925 sterling silver freshwater pearl necklace with a detachable rhodium-plated hematite and freshwater pearl tassel

"Infini" necklace/bracelet

Price €200.00

925 sterling silver hematite, rhodium-plated hematite and grey agate necklace/bracelet